Nitrile gloves

Powder free non-sterile gloves

Glovon is the leading brand of protective gloves. Glovon ensures both comfort and utmost protection for the user. Glovon products have both 510K FDA and CE – certification

Glovon disposable nitrile gloves are latex-free gloves that always fit comfortably. Because the disposable gloves are particularly low-irritant, they are ideal even when worn intensively at hospitals or similar working environments. Powder-free gloves are ideal for allergy sufferers and all those who have sensitive skin.

Our nitrile gloves are the perfect alternative for conventional latex gloves. Being latex-free and all the more skin-friendly they reliably protect against external influences. Nitrile gloves are tear-resistant and elasticity ensures complete flexibility in use in all areas.

Gloves for medical use

Key characteristics for medical use

Recommended for medical and dental use

Food industry

Gloves for HoReCa (Hospitality industry

Establishing hygiene standards at any foodservice facility is the paramount task. Foodstuffs are under pathogenic pressure all the way from the field to the table. Key to successfully maintaining safety and hygiene is the comfortable use of protective equipment, like nitrile gloves in all procedures requiring direct human touch.

Our Nitrile gloves are comfortable and extremely durable. Because Nitrile gloves resist breakdown caused by raw meats, oils and acidic fruits, they are ideal in any processes involving working with raw meats, poultry and fruit.

Our line of food industry specific gloves are available also in XXL size.

Key characteristics for food industry

Industrial use

Gloves for chemical industry

Modern chemical, electrical and mechanical processes are often designed with reduced need for direct human intervention. With our range of gloves, you can work in complete confidence even in hazardous or high-risk environments with excellent dexterity.

The strong barrier strength paired with high elasticity helps to keep you protected without restricting your performance.

Ever more increasingly safety issues are lifted in enforcement work as well as industries such as textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Glovon nitrile gloves provide you with a line of comfortable and affordable options you can wear all day long.

Gloves for industrial use

Key characteristics for industrial use

Glovon nitrile gloves

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Glovon has received first orders for its gloves in the EU and the USA and expects to ship to China and Japan during the fiscal year 2023.

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